Space Explorer 1.0

Title: Another Space & Time
Artist: Robin Mellor
Location: Hackney – East London
Date: May 5th – June 30th

Space Explorer is the bold new way for intrepid city dwellers and the world’s best emerging creative talent to cross paths.

By pairing an innovative large-scale art exhibition with the latest smartphone technology, Space Explorer offers a uniquely immersive experience that transcends the restrictions of the stuffy, traditional gallery.

In our first experience we transform the Hackney strip into a North American road trip. Space Explorer ‘s inaugural show Another Space & Time transforms Hackney’s untapped spaces into new and arresting focal points.

Our smartphone app will allow you to discover the hidden artworks whilst simultaneously immersing you in our rich GPS triggered soundscape as you wander the streets.

Another Space & Time

Another Space & Time, a photographic and audio project by Space Explorer co-found Robin Mellor, searches for the meaning of life in the great American deserts.
“The American desert is a microcosm of American counter-culture. I wanted to know what brought these rich, colourful characters to gather here, lit up by the spare, rundown backdrop.

I knew for a question as big as the meaning of life I had to go to a place where people weren’t bombarded by the influences of modern society, full of personalities big enough to form their own attitudes, rather than regurgitate the opinions of others.
The hardship you must endure in the desert is perfectly counterbalanced with freedom you are granted. It is this relationship that makes for an incredibly creative and resourceful environment, one which forces those who live in it to explore and learn about themselves as well as the world around them. The project looks at how this environment has shaped its people and how they now see the world, both philosophically and practically.”
- Robin Mellor


Community is at the heart of everything we do, our public art events not only focus on the alternative community’s ideas we promote, we also work with the local community, engaging the public in their own space and in unexpected and intriguing ways.

This allows us to deliver our message to those outside of an art events normal demographic by delivering it democratically, free of charge and in public locations.

The upcoming show is working with Hackney Council as part of their regeneration scheme, to deliver workshops and talks to engage the young local population in an inspiring and educational way.